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Benefits beyond music of playing in a symphony orchestra

Not all of the LSSO's young players will go on and become professional musicians. Many will go on into other professions and walks of life. This does not mean that their time in the orchestra is a wasted experience.

They will have learned the discipline of practice. They will have improved their ability to focus; to concentrate in a crowded room where there are many other distractions. Most crucially the orchestra's members will have learned to collaborate and play together as a team. This has significant benefits to many aspects of their future life.

On top of that, the orchestra develops the social skills of its individual players. By working together intensely and going on the orchestra's annual summer tours, the players form deep friendships, which they carry with them into the future.

  • How else has the orchestra developed you as a person?

    How else has the orchestra developed you?

  • What are the challenges on playing percussion in an orchestra?

    What are the challenges on playing percussion?