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How the LSSO inspires its members

For its members, playing in the LSSO is a truly life-enhancing experience. Players get to work with some of the world's greatest professional musicians and tackle some of the greatest pieces in the orchestral repertoire. Skills both as musician and human being are honed and sharpened in an atmosphere that is enjoyable and empowering.

But there are other benefits as well. Under the artistic leadership of Peter Ash, the young players have been encouraged to form their own smaller ensembles, offering them the opportunity to conduct their peers and shape their own performances. Several orchestra members have even gone on to start their own orchestras.

For those who decide not to go onto music college, the orchestral experience will have taught them the importance of discipline and determination to achieve their goals. They will have learned, in a uniquely practical way, that practice makes perfect and that the group dynamic demands its own skills; what is more, the amount of time you put into an experience can correlate directly to how much you enjoy it.

  • How have your orchestral experiences inspired you?

    How orchestral experiences inspired you?

  • How has the LSSO influenced your thoughts about the future?

    How the LSSO influenced thoughts of the future?