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The Tutors

The LSSO is based at London's Centre for Young Musicians in Lambeth. There the orchestra draws on the skills, talents and inspiration of a huge range of musical talents to act as tutors and coaches.

These tutors have diverse and unique backgrounds as professional musicians. Many will play in one of London's top international orchestras like the London Symphony, the London Philharmonic, or the Philharmonia. Others will have a soloist's perspective. Some will have come up through the British musical system, others will have been trained in Europe, America or South America.

However, as the orchestra prepares for its three annual Barbican concerts, the tutors come together with a single aim. Their challenge is to pool these diverse talents and create a dynamic and inspirational performance. They may be demanding, but they also encourage their students to enjoy what they are doing, and not to be afraid of making mistakes. Their aim is always to empower the young players in their charge. Developing them as human beings is as important to everyone as technical skill and expertise.

  • What advice would you give to younger musicians?

    Advice for younger musicians?

  • What is your role as a strings tutor?

    What is your role as a strings tutor?

  • How to you coach the young percussion players?

    How do you coach the young percussion players?