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Impact and enjoyment of the LSSO

LSSO members get the opportunity to play the great masterpieces of the orchestral repertoire. They also get to work with world-class international soloists and conductors. Three times a year they perform at London's prestigious Barbican Hall. This is an immensely challenging and rewarding experience.

Rehearsing and performing with the orchestra also enhances each individual's musicianship in countless ways. It could be through improving powers of concentration or simply learning the complex skills required to play together as a single team.

Players in the orchestra celebrate the variety of musicians they encounter there and particularly the artistic leadership of the orchestra's Artistic Director, Peter Ash.

The orchestra is a friendly place and highly social. Each summer it goes on tour – often overseas – and the experiences of these tours can be life-changing. Social skills are developed and players form friendships that in some cases last for the rest of their lives.

  • Otis - What impact has the LSSO had on you?

    Otis - What impact has the LSSO had on you?